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LP Trend Report: Summer 2015 Style

19 Jun

  It’s official – summer has arrived!! But with the wide variety of styles out there, it can be unbelievably overwhelming to figure out what to wear and how to wear it. This season I have been super blessed to travel all over the country and meet our Switchflop fans! One of the first questions […]

On the Road With LP

23 Jan

January is a big month for me, traveling and promoting LP. It is crazy, CRAZY busy.  I always start every January on the road – We showcase the LP line at three huge trade markets (Atlanta, Dallas & NYC), where your favorite area retailers also head, so they can decide what to carry for each […]

Tampa Bay Entrepreneur

25 Feb

Lindsay’s story is so inspiring.   The whole idea started with a high-school art project that is now a multi-million dollar business.